Monday, 20 August 2012

                                                  Vishnu R - VI A     
1: Tricky Questions
à The following equation is wrong:   101-102=1 Move one numeral to make it correct…
à What mathematical symbol can be put between 5&9 to get a number bigger than 5 and smaller than 9?
à You are making an opaque cube,( cannot see through the sides.)It can be any size you want it to be. Where do you place the cube so that you can see as many sides as possible?
2: Logic questions
à You have a basket having 10 apples. You have 10 friends, who each desire an apple .You give each of them an apple. After some time, each of your friends have an apple each, still there is one apple remaining in the basket. HOW?
à There are five gears connected in a row, the first one is connected to the second one, the second one is connected to the third one and so on. If the first gear is rotating clockwise, what direction is the fifth gear turning?
à A boy and a girl are talking. `I AM A BOY’ said the child with black hair. `I AM A GIRL’ said the child with white hair. At least one of them lied. Now who is the boy and who is the girl

a.  Move the numeral 2 half a line up to achieve 101-102=1
b.  A decimal point.5.9 works nicelyJ
c.  You place it so you are standing inside it, in a corner. Then you can see all the sides. ‘IT IS A VERY BIG CUBE’J.
a.  You give an apple to each of your nine friends, and a basket with an apple to your tenth friend. Each friend has an apple, and one of them has it in the basket.J
b.   Clockwise.J
c.    They both lied. The child with the black hair is the girl, the child with the white hair is the boy.(if only one of them lied, they would both be boys or  both will be girls.JJJ

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