Monday, 20 August 2012

Tease Your Brains!!
                                           KAVYA MOHAN - VII - B
Q: Fifty minutes ago if it was four times as many minutes past three ‘O’ clock, how many minutes is it to six ‘O’ clock?
ANS: Twenty six minutes.
Q: A clock takes six seconds to
Strike 4 ‘O’ clock, Then how much will it take to strike 8 ‘O’ clock?
ANS: 14 seconds!
Q: One person has 4 sons , if each brother had one sister, what is the total number of students?
ANS: Five
Q: Vivek and Prasobh  have  the same amount of money with them. How much amount should Vivek give Prasobh in order that the amount with Prashob be 10 more than that with Vivek?
ANS: Rs 5/-
Q: Find the number which is three times the sum of its digits.
ANS: 27.

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