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Bijeesh A B - VI C -

Aryabhata was the great Hindu Mathematician. He lived from 475 AD to 550 AD. He wrote on arithmetic including undo this heading arithmetic and geometric progressions, quadratic equations, and indeterminate equations. His work often called Aryabhatiya consists of a collection of astronomical tables and the Aryastasata which include the Ganita, a note on arithmetic, the Kalakriya on time and its measure and the Gola on the sphere. Aryabhata was one of those ancient scholars of India who could stand with pride among the greatest scholars even of the modern age.

   1)There is a number which is very peculiar. This number is 3times the sum of its digits. Can you find the number?
 2) Write the biggest number that can be written with four one’s?
3) Can you write 1789 in roman numbers?
 4) What is the sum of first 70 odd numbers?
5) Find the value of:
Beginning of algebra
 It is said that algebra as a branch of mathematics began about 1550 BC, that means more than 3500 years ago, when people in Egypt started using symbols to denote unknown numbers .Around 300 BC, use of letters to denote unknown and forming expressions from them was quite common in India. Many great Indian mathematicians Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Mahavira and Bhaskara II and others, contributed a lot to the study of Algebra.

Branches of mathematics
The branches of mathematics in which we study about numbers is called arithmetic. The branch in which we learn about figures in two and three dimensions and their properties is called geometry. The branch in which we use letters along with numbers to write rules and formulas in general is called algebra.    
Answers for the puzzleS
1Ans) 27
2Ans) 285311670611
4Ans) 4,900 (70x70)

5Ans) CD  
                        CLXV              265
                      C XVI               166
                                 XIII                 13                        
                  VI            +       6    

           Ans          CD               400  

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