Sunday, 11 August 2013

·      Interesting Pi

            March  14 is celebrated as international pi day 
    that is pi is 3.14 and march 14 is 3/14
·        Pi day is also Albert Einstiens birthday along with        birthdays of Appolo 8 ,commander Frank borman, astronomer   Giovanni schiparreli and last man to moon Gene cernan
·        In 1768 Johann lambert proved that the value of pi is an    irrational number and in 1882 ferdinand lindemann a  renowned mathematician proved that pi is transcendal
·        If you were to print 1billion decimal values of pi in  ordinary font then, it would stretch from newyork to kanas
·        The record of calculating pi as of 2010 is to 5 trillion
·        The first million decimals of pi consists of 99758 ones    100026 twos 100229 threes 100230 fours 100359 fives 99548    sixes 9980 sevens 99985 eights 100106 nines
·        At position 763 there are six 9s in a row which is known as   frymans point
·        In greek alphabet pi[piwas] is the sixteenth letter in English alphabet p is also the the sixteenth letter.

                                                                               By Anupama.m- IX A

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